Thursday 28 April 2011

Small But Vicious Dog

With A to Z April nearly over (*shudders* never again!) I've decided on my project for May.

"Don't fall for the soulful expression. 
He'll have your throat out as soon as look at you..."

An exhaustive and thorough-going study of the utility of the various breeds of hunting dogs (to whit: hounds, setters, pointers, retrievers, spaniels, terriers) in both general adventuring and dungeoneering contexts.

(and not all one gibbering idiot's ill-advised homebrew abomination mash-up of two well-loved and finely crafted game systems)

All blame attaches to kelvingreen, who puts words in my head with lasers fired from his magical palace on the moon.

Pic Source
Cute little dawgie from British Dogs: Their Varieties, History, Characteristics, Breeding, Management, And Exhibition by Hugh Dalziel, curated online by


  1. "It's alive! Or at least animate... it's not an object any more, that's my point."

    Sorta, it's not even a usable alpha atm. Careers were cake, reviving some of the forgotten WFRP monsters is fun, and I'm chuffed with my revival of the WFRP stat profile format for D&D. Still fussing over the mechanical heavy lifting ATM (like which magic system and firearms rules to add).

    It keeps surprising me how well the two games actually fit back together. Almost like WFRP was intended as house rules for D&D. Has anything been written about the hidden origins of WFRP as the British Perrin Conventions?

    Thinking about V&V as a title. Roger the GS already used Varlets & Vermin as the name of his level 1 monster booklet. Small But Vicious Dog works. ;)

  2. Vermin and Vagabonds is such a good title, although _________ and Ratcatchers would be good, if you could find a suitable word to slide in there.

    If it had been the GW of today, we'd have umpteen issues of White Dwarf containing designer diaries of the WFRP process, and we could see where it all came from.

  3. I did a series of posts about dogs in the dungeon a while back. You might find it interesting.

  4. It'll be like watching the Westminster Kennel Show but actually reading and via blog! Sounds like a fun project- but that's because I'm quite a dog person. Do you know how many breeds there are of hunting ones in general?

  5. You have installed a fear of dogs in me once again. Thanks.


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