Tuesday 17 February 2009

Out of the Vaults

Another day, another gaming blog. Vaults of Nagoh - an old-school megadungeon ... blah blah ... sandbox game ... blah blah ... hacked 3E mechanics in an old-school play style... blah blah.

Look, if you've ended up here then either

(a) you game with me,
(b) you already know what sort of thing this is, or
(c) you're horribly lost and should go back to Facebucket* or whatever web2.0 social thingy you wandered in from. You people are lost. This is the deeply geeky end of the Internet, and here be wickedly-grinning buttsecks sharks, and ancient jabbering madness, and polyhedral dice, and geeks geeks GEEKS! in all their resplendent neckbearded glory.

They gone?


For those of you still staring at the screen with a big glowing question mark over your head the game is intended to be a no plot, no railroads (...fox only, Final Destination), swords-and-sorcery-meets-whatever-is-going-through-the-DM's-head-this-week game centred on exploring forbidden ancient underworlds, whaling on the inhabitants, desecrating their temples, and taking their shineys. Ya know, the kind of good clean Heroquest-ish fun** we all enjoyed back in the sepia-tinted, pre-webtartubes day.

The system used in this ongoing insult to the fine work of Sts. Gygax, Arneson, Bledsaw, etc. will be my own D&D 3E hack, in itself a horrible mish-mash of the SRD, Keith & Frank's Tome Series, and Dan's Diminutive d20 . What can I say? I hate excessive brainwork and legalese in my games, but I'm simply not hardcore enough to use one of the many fine retro-clone products available. Plus I like to hear game rules moan "Kill me. Kiiiiiill me." in plaintive dispair.

Downloads for my players and other visitors - if any - can be found in the sidebar. This main column will just be the usual fulminations, karkfardlery, and bloggerly brain custard (tm Warren Ellis - "Ze greatest livink Englischman").

Now, how to you publish with these filthy devil machines again?

* Facebucket is real?! Who knew? I just used the name as parody.
** I'm kinda hoping James Raggi IV doesn't notice the 'f' word there...

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