Thursday, 28 April 2011

AtoZ April - X is for Xenium

Day 24. Blame Byron for this one, the shady Hellespont-swimming wife-abandoner.

Jack Kirby does The Iliad? *Nerdgasms*

A xenium is a gift to a visitor or stranger. That's dead easy then. One table of aggressive hospitality, potlatching and Indian giving coming up.

They express joy at your safe arrival and present to you as a token of their abiding affection and respect a fine... (d4-12, depending on level of esteem and/or how outlandish you're willing to be).
  1. Rat or piece of mouldering food (no apparent value)
  2. Trinket, cheap or Pelt, common (~1gp value)
  3. Trinket, humble or Pelt, valuable (5gp value)
  4. Bauble, shiny or Pelt, exotic (10gp value)
  5. Enamelled weapon or fine quality tool (25gp value)
  6. Silver plate, glasswear, riding horse, fine costume (100gp value)
  7. Silver crater (250gp value)
  8. Gold plate (500gp value)
  9. Elaborate gift - warhorse horse, suit of plate armour, splendid costume (1000+gp value*)
  10. Kingly gift - string of fine horses, valuable slaves, gold and jewels, etc. (2000+gp value*)
  11. Appears to be (roll), is actually (re-roll).
  12. Is (re-roll) but has a catch.**
* Check for increase in value as for gems.
** Valuable, but has a catch:
  1. curs├ęd (the accent makes is so much worse)
  2. culturally offensive to (roll or select faction/monster)
  3. lost, sought by (roll or select faction/monster)
  4. stolen, sought by (roll or select faction/monster)
  5. intelligent/self-willed
  6. roll twice on this table
There is a 1in6 chance that any xenium proffered has value or significance beyond that readily apparent. Decide for yourself if the donors are aware of this, and whether it constitutes some sort of test, has some specific cultural symbolism ("You accepted the Otyugh Queen's dower gift..."), or whatever.

Pic Source

Jack Kirby Iliad from Cartoon SNAP blog

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  1. Thanks for sharing Xenium. I'm not a gamer, but rather a writer, and the traits you listed might inspire something out of me at some point.

    It's a pleasure to meet you via the A-Z Challenge!


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