Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Dodging the Old Skub Bandwagon

And thus it came to pass that the latest skubstorm of old schoolyness broke. The blognards were tossed hither-and-yon by the raging torrents of their own verbiage, thesis-nailing, vermiphagy and protestations that "I can do no other." Fortunately, Amityville Mike brought sanity to proceedings by the wisdom of reference to the original sources. In this instance the Dragon Dude's HandGuide Old School Game Determination Table. An exhausted peace settled upon the land.

For the record: 170% old school (this week), no position on skub, and I've spent the weekend keying another section of the Vaults.


  1. vermiphagyThere was worm eating and I missed it?

    What kind of worms --? *reaches for her copy of Man Eating Bugs*

    *also, ducks flying bricks* ;3

  2. Strange, looks like the comments have been disabled on that Grognardia post. Makes me glad I did not bother to read them. :D


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