Friday, 8 May 2009

My Appendix N (let me show you them...)

Inspirational And Instructive Reading in High Fantasy, Sword-and-Sorcery, Sword-and-Planet, and Other Esoterica"


Adams, Richard - Watership Down (and "Tales from..."), Shardik
Anderson, Poul - The Broken Sword
Barker, Clive - Books of Blood series
Dahl, Roald - omnia opera
Gemmell, David - omnia opera
Harrison, M. John - Viriconium stories
Hodgeson, William Hope - Carnacki stories
Howard, R. E. - Conan, Solomon Kane
Kay, Guy Gavriel - The Fionivar Tapestry
King, Stephan - omnia opera
Lewis, C. S. - Narnia stories
Leiber, Fritz - Swords against * series
Lord Dunsany - Pegana stories
Lovecraft, H. P. - Cthulhu Cycle stories
Lumley, Brian - Titus Crow/Dreamlands stories
Mieville, China - Bas Lag series
Moorcock, Michael - omnia opera
Newman Kim - his Warhammer novels (written as Jack Yeovil)
Peake, Mervyn - Gormenghast trilogy
Poe, E.A. - omnia opera
Pratchett, Terry - omnia opera
Tolkein, J.R.R. - omnia opera
Wagner, Karl Edward - Kane stories
White, W. H. - Once and Future King
Williams, Tad - Memory, Thorn and Sorrow trilogy

Harrison and Holt - The Hammer and the Cross trilogy
Weis and Hickman - Dragonlance Chronicles and Legends trilogies
The Maginobion, Arthuriana, Greek and Norse myth


Anderson, Poul - The High Crusade, Flandry of Terra
Asher, Neil - omnia opera
Ballard, J. G. - omnia opera
Baxter, Stephen - Xeelee sequence
Bear, Greg - Eon
Clarke, Arthur C. - 2001, Rondevous with Rama
Conan Doyle, Arthur - Professor Challenger stories
Herbert, Frank - Dune series, Eye, Helstrom's Hive
Heinlein, Robert - omnia opera
Lewis, C. S. - Silent Planet trilogy
Miller, Walter - A Canticle for Leibowitz
Saberhagan, Fred - Berserker series
Simmons, Dan - Hyperion Cantos
Verne, Jules - omnia opera
Wells, H. G. - omnia opera


Gaiman, Neil - omnia opera
Mills and O'Neill - Nemesis the Warlock series
Moore, Allen - omnia opera
Talbot, Bryan - The Adventures of Luther Arkwright


Albrecht Durer
Hieronymous Bosch
Wayne Barlowe
Ursula Vernon
Keith Thompson

Honourable Mentions

Bengtson, Franz T. - The Longships
Cornwell, Bernard - Arthur trilogy, Stonehenge
London, Jack - Call of the Wild, White Fang

~ END ~

So, yeah. The usual suspects, plus some 80s Brit comics

(image yoinked from Neil Asher's series on Reader's Bookcases)

edit: art section added 11/05/09

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