Sunday, 6 March 2011

Super-Simple Stat Advances

Inspired by something read in the Humanspace Adventures playtest document, although I vaguely recall seeing similar in a blog comment somewhere, or possibly in the multi-layered morass of detail that is HackMaster...

Each time your character levels up pick one ability score.
Roll higher than the current score on a d20 to advance it by 1 point (max 18).
(note: this doesn't count as being during gameplay, so Jeff's Big Purple d30 Rule doesn't apply.)

Intent: this little gimmick models increasing capability as characters gain progressively more experience and versatility. The 'roll over' mechanic makes it easy to improve on a gimp ability score, but offers less chance of improving those lovingly polished Prime Requisites.

Yeah, it's a little bit Runequest for some tastes, and a shuffle away from the strict purity of "3d6, in order", but I'm an obsessive user of Ability Checks (LL, p55).

Pic Source
Randy Glasberg, syndicated cartoonist


  1. I like it. Consider it stolen.

  2. Not my cup of tea, but looks pretty viable. I do like the Rune Quest vibe, though...


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