Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Pretty trumps Utility: Spiky Dice and Bony Cutlery

Oh dear, oh dear.

And I thought the Gamescience D-Total was an invention in search of a role.

Feast your eyes on these little beauties(?):

"Sure, I like the busyness and illegibility of Pathfinder dice sets. But what I'd really want is over-sculpted, likely-to-be-irregular dice reminiscent of bundles of barbed wire. That would really represent me as a gamer."

You can get them here. $28 a set. Also available in metal for anything up to $200 per set if you really want to scratch up your table.

Edit: Also in the "excessively baroque much?" category: skeleton cutlery by Raven Armoury.

Right-hand skeleton: "Peg legs? They are for pussies and part-timers!"

These might actually make for fun treasure/monsters. Something like animated cutlery scaled for giants and made from the screaming skeletons of halflings.

Party: "So, do we give them a decent burial, or sell them as curios?"

Pic Source
Vendor's website.


  1. My foot hurts from just looking at them and imagining how (inevitably) one of those caltrops would fall on the floor and I would step on it with my bare foot.

  2. Heh, a friend linked me to these this morning and I just posted about them as well - they must be making the meme rounds.

    Nice to see Raven Amoury's still around and churning out high gothic kitsch. Although I won't be ordering any of it, I appreciate it as the gamer geek equivalent of a black velvet Elvis or pink flamingos: high camp.

  3. Now we know what to get the Shen for his hatchday prezzies...

  4. Still, they are more legible than anything Q-Workshop puts out.


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