Saturday, 26 March 2011

Roll a d10 and Blog Puny Human!

Random table of bloggydoitnowness? Sounds like the rumble of a bandwagon to me. tells me to do number 2. (dammit! I was hoping for 10)
"Add something to the wiki, then explain why it was influential enough to you that you added it."
I took the liberty of adding a link to Dave "Sham" Bowman's OD&D Cover-to-Cover posts.

It might not seem directly applicable to a lot of people's games, but I found it a useful exploration of why (often otherwise unexplained) different game mechanics work the way they do in later editions of Classic D&D.

Dave's extended close examination of the original texts is classic Renaissance behaviour in the best sense. Go back to the original sources and re-examine what they actually say (not what received wisdom says they do), then decide if you should do things differently based on your new insights.

I commend this series to the House.

1 comment:

  1. sweet. now that it's on the wiki i feel a renewed urge to read it.

    which is dumb, i guess, i should;ve looked at it before, but i'm a simple creature


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