Monday, 23 March 2009

Old New Shinyness (from the days of high adventure)

Just arrived in the post this morning from the tat bazaars of the internet (amazon and eBay): Kurt Edward Wagner's "Bloodstone" and "Dark Crusade", and the old TSR "Lankhmar: City of Adventure" book (complete with 'instant neighbourhood' urban geomorph joy). All practically good as new, and all thick with old school, guts-and-glory gaming goodness from the heroically un-PC days when men were men, and women had penalties to Str.

Well, that's me occupied for the next couple of evenings.


  1. I love "Dark Crusade"! An amazing novel, incredibly dark and vicious, and the perfect inspiration for a low-level game of older D&D.

  2. Some day I'm going to write a post about penalties for strength for women, I swear. But the prospect of the sheer shit-storm it might provoke has prevented me from doing it so far!

    Word Verification: Rophi. A small, spiny porcupine-like creature, with surprising malevolence and cunning.

  3. @Trollsmyth: I first read "Nightwinds" back when I was ~13, and the starkness of the stories (particularly "Lynortis Reprise") stuck with me. The idea that fantasy could be *that* grim was a real eye opener, even to a kid raised on Conan and Warhammer.

    @noisms: I'd be glad to read your thoughts, but I can understand your...hesitance to stick your nose into that particular hornets nest. ;)


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