Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Homebrew Charsheet

Just uploaded to orbitfiles two versions of the character sheet I hacked together for the Vaults of Nagoh campaign. There's a classic A4 two page sheet for the traditionalists, and a four page double-sided A5 sheet with some quick-ref stuff on the inner pages. Anyone familiar with The Mad Irishman's excellent character sheets will see more than a little of his influence on my work.

edit: nasty horrible .doc bad joke format replaced with real peoples' .pdf files. "Sorray abart tha'."

Non-profit, non-commercial, suchlike legalistic jargon.


  1. Hey Chris, just out of curiosity, are you playing the Vaults of Nagoh w/ the 3.X rules, or are you using some kind of variation? (Microlite20, etc.)

    Although I'm not a huge fan of 3.X (played it for many years...), I do like the looks of your charsheet. Quite nice in fact.

  2. I'm using a horrible kludge of Dan's Dimunitive d20, the Tome Series, and the SRD. It's kind of 3E, but lighter (as in I can hold most of the rules in my head and statblocks are a line + special ability notes).

    I'm probably going to end up panel-beating the thing into something similar to Microlite20 out of sheer laziness.

    3E RAW has its plus points, but I'd rather be gaming than referring to the sacred texts. ;)


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