Monday, 23 March 2009

"How Well Did I Do?" for the Lazy DM

Although mentioned in several places in the 3.5 PHB (notably in the skills chapter) the aspect of degrees of success is not - at least AFAIK - explicitly called out as part of the system. That's a shame, because having degrees of success defined helps the DM in his job of adjudicating exactly that the heck just happened there? when half-a-dozen people are shouting over one another, throwing dice, shoving minis around, and hooting like gibbons.

Presented below is my personal "How'd they do?" quick reference table:

Check vs. DCDegree of SuccessBonus (to Whatever)
-11 or moreTerrible-2
-6 to -10Poor-1
-1 to -5Fail-0
+20 or more"No wai!"+4

Any resemblance of the above to the successes table from Savage Worlds is...probably intentional, in retrospect.

The Bonus (to Whatever) column is a general thumbnail guide to how a subsequent check (aid another, recovery from falling, etc.) will be affected by the outcome of this one. It could even be used as a bonus to damage if the initial d20 was part of an attack roll (at the moment success and damage in D&D are - critical hits aside - almost wholly dissociated).

note: found out what was causing the table problem. Blogger treats carriage returns in the HTML of tables as line breaks.


  1. I like this a lot. May I borrow it on the chance I ever manage to start poking Pathfinder?

  2. Help yourself. That's what it's here for. ;)


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