Sunday, 16 May 2010

Sunday Link Dump

Radium Age Telepaths (@ HiLoBrow) - Author's personal Top Ten (and a wider bibliography) of spooky mind powers in early speculative fiction. They also do podcast readings of pulp classics.

Der Andere Seite (Flickr gallery) - scritchy B+W artwork by Austrian Expressionist Alfred Kubin.

Soul Catcher (@ Fortean Times) - the fringe science "21 Grams" antics of Dr MacDougall.

Jerry Building (4 parts) & Joe Building (8 parts) (@ YouTube MeadesShrine) - Jonathan Meades explores the pomposity, banality and cod-mysticism of totalitarian architecture.

Also: the finest creation myth ever vouchsafed unto man:

(Though, wouldn't you know it, Dennis at What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse beats me to it when it comes to adulation for Journey to the West as gaming source material)


  1. On the subject of Monkey, I watched Forbidden Kingdom the other day and quite enjoyed it, particularly the bit where Jet Li took a whiz on Jackie Chan...

  2. @Matt: Forbidden Kingdom left me cold. But then it's likely that *nothing* could have lived up to the sheer fanboy appeal of a Chan+Li "Monkey" movie.

    The cherry on the turd for me was the unnecessary inclusion of the Token White Boy protagonist played by a ShiaJake LeGylenbouf clone (Michael Angarano - end result of the ongoing programme to create a perfect charisma vacuum in human form). You, Mr Angarano, are no Kurt Russell.


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