Tuesday 18 May 2010

Bookcrossing Gaming Materials

(Prompted by a post over at Dungeons and Digressions)

Books can, and often do, outlast life with their original purchasers. The wonderful cultural tradition of the secondhand and antique book trades is proof enough of this. As is the strange pleasure of finding a dedication or an ex libris stamp inscribed by an original owner or gift-giver.

Want to still keep track of old gaming books when they get begged, stolen, borrowed, or sold on?
  1. Click over to bookcrossing.com 
  2. Tap in the ISBN of your book
  3. Get a bookcrossing number
  4. Stick it on the frontispiece along with a URL
  5. Release into the wild
Hopefully the kind soul who now has custody of your (erstwhile) possession will take a second to brave the swirling hive of dreamcatcher-loving hippy sentiment that is the bookcrossing community, update the location of the book, and let you know where in the world it's ended up.

I understand Bookmooch.com and Read It Swap It (UK) provide similar facilities.

Who knows, you might make some new gaming contacts along the way. Then again...

“Uh, what’s that you say? You’ve got an old D&D book of mine and you want to know if I want back? No thanks Mr. Maniac, and please don’t call here again!”
-- ze bulette

1 comment:

  1. Sure, might be fun. I like how their project implicitly lends a greater value to books - as though they have their own lives, history, and journeys, and we should cherish them (and the media itself) more.

    It also reminds me of Where's George? which doesn't have quite the same redeeming value, but at least helps to convey a sense of interconnectedness.


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