Thursday, 1 April 2010

Swirly Brain-proddling Fun

This here be a simple link dump post. I'm sure some of these are re-posts...

The Brainstormer - good for shifting mental blocks. Combine with The Forge and your preferred random tables for great braincustard justice.

Writers and their Accoutrements
(@ A Journey Round My Skull) - quite apart from the Inspiratron, the Muse-o-matic, and the skull-shaped All Weather Field Scriptorium, there's got to be gaming fodder in the image of Kerouac writing "On the Road" in scroll form...

Suffocating at the Villa des Charmes ( @ A Journey Round My Skull, again) - smoky, dreamlike art by Alexander Alexeieff. Performs the minor miracle of making me actually appreciate impressionistic imagery.

Yokai Illustrations
( @ Monster Brains) - ghost whales, king-sized Kappa and Umi-bōzu ("To survive an umi-bōzu encounter at sea, one should remain quiet and look in the opposite direction. Speaking or looking at the creature may send it into a rage — and that usually ends in tragedy.").
How exactly does one pron. "ō" anyway?

Monster Manual Comix: Owlbear (by Lore of Bad Gods) - features insanowiz and Christolump Rabismall.

Almost-Skyscrapers of Britain ( @ "sit down man, you're a bloody tragedy") - What we could have had on our skylines, if only we'd kept the insane Victorian levels of drugs in our national diet. Good-to-excellent in the ruin fodder stakes.

The Ants NEVER STOP. They form a long red line anchoring nightmares to the core of the Earth. - Yep. That's going in the Vaults.

Geometric Sculptures by George W. Hart - an accompaniment to Telecanter's post on Chinese puzzle balls.

Dungeon inhabitant should be pack-rats (@ - Before you *hork* at it, even the musings of plutolatrous nutters can be useful gaming fodder.

More on packrat-ism ( @ No Tech Magazine) - includes a link to:

Floating Citadels ( @ No Tech Magazine) - in which Johnny Frog tries to invade Britain with a (wind/tread)mill-powered monster warbarge.

The whacky victoriana of J.J.Grandville (hat tip: Monster Brains, IIRC)

Oldest temple EVAR


  1. HOLY CROW! First spins comes up Miracle-Arthurian-Church. And here I was toying with using Arthurian elements in my upcoming BFRPG campaign PLUS I just this morning detailed the chapel floor-plan at the keep that is the PC's starting base! Gotsa fer sure googawiki some research on medieval miracles (insert relic maybe?) 8D

  2. Whoops, I'm a little behind on my blog reading I just posted the Hart sculptures too!

    Great stuff, though. Those Umi-bōzu are creepy as hell.

    I got Vengence (Kindred)-Amish-superhero! Awesome.

    Any backstory on those inner categories? Are they a commonly know thing? Seem useful.


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