Thursday, 29 April 2010

Mandelbulb - One for Telecanter

I'm sure some of you are already familiar with this, but just on the off-chance it slipped by:

These are 3D digital renderings of the Mandelbrot set (and not anything to do with hideous pustular fruiting bodies erupting on the eminence gris of the British Labour Party).

Some cool and evocative stuff going on here, very sculptural.

"Mandelbulb Spine"

"Ice-Cream from Neptune"

Yep. That little lot's going somewhere deep and obscure in the Vaults.


  1. "Ice-Cream from Neptune"

    Can I get mixed in sprinkles?

  2. Awesome. Thanks! I hadn't seen that. Surely someday video games will tap into the power of procedurally generated environments instead of the hand-crafted railroads they are now.

    This is what some planes must look like.



    "OK, as you arrive at the entrance to the dungeon, this is what you see..."

    Awesome stuff.


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