Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Promised Tinkerage (minor)

Further to the vague waffling, havering and dancing around the damn point of a couple of days ago, here is the promised "more to follow", straight from my House Rules booklet:

Fighter Weapon Options
Weapon ChoiceFormer RuleUpdated
Shield+1-2 AC/sacrifice+1-2 AC/sacrifice
Dual Wield+1 TH+1 TH
2-handed wpm2k1 damage+1 damage die, drop lowest

Superhero HAET Kobold, and all Kobold's buddies too!
Fighter: +1 damage die for every 3, 5, 7 levels by which char exceeds HD of strongest engaged melee opponent.
Dorf: +1 damage die for every 5, 10 levels by which ditto.
Extra dice are divided as preferred among engaged enemies as whole dice, not point-by-point.

{Eg: vs 1HD foes a F7 rolls 3 damage dice, this drops to 2d vs 2-3HD, and to 1d vs 3+1HD or better.}
As you can see I do horrible things to the exquisitely balanced simplicity of the B/X-LL system. But then I don't - and never did - ascribe to the pernicious "fighters are for noobs" meme.

I regularly play with people who still inhabit the wide-eyed "What do I roll?" stage where this glorious game of ours still has the shiny newness sheen on it. If one of these players wants to do something other than roll to-hit > roll damage round after round I'll try to keep them happy, ideally without putting added strain on their brain. All I have to do with the above is let the player pick their preferred style, explain to them the benefits ("roll 2, keep 1" is hardly (Role/Hack)master), and trust that they'll further explore the mechanical aspects of the game ("I want to wrestle him to the deck. What do I roll?") as and when they feel comfortable doing so.

And, no, my players won't object to this shifting of the goalposts on them. Strangely enough, they don't seem to object to rules modifications they feel are in their favour. Whether they actually are or not is another matter...

"We don't need no steekin' mathematical analysis!"

edit: What? It can't all be Netherworksian exhortations to expand our reference pool and embrace the haut weird around here. I'm just a magpie with opinions. :p

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