Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Djangos Gurnery

An uncannily accurate representation of my work process.

Further to a question posted in the comments by Kelvin Green ("Kelvin, a name derived from the old English word for 'shameless instigator and causer of trouble'."):
If you rewrote Mythus so that it said what it needed to say and nothing more -- and putting aside any attempt to make it fun and playable -- to how many pages, would you say, could a ruthless editor reduce it?

I initially thought the answer was 16 pages. It turns out that -- at least for Mythus Prime -- the answer is actually one single solitary page (plus about 1/4 page of setting material).

For those few who might be interested I hereby present the world's first super-condensed (and, AFAIK, only) Mythus retro-clone:

A one-page fantasy RPG
(inspired by Dangerous Journeys Mythus 
by Gary Gygax and Dave Newton)

And, for further delectation of the loyal, Mythus-loving readership:

A one-page supplement of
GM pointers and setting material 
for Django's Gurnery

Thoughts? Opinions? Demands that I rein in my tendencies to grandiloquent verbosity at the expense of rules clarity?

Note: Last modified 28th March


  1. Wow. Just...wow. I never thought I'd live to see the day. A Mythus retro-clone. The name is totally killing me, too. Brilliant!

  2. I am the Gonchong of the BritOSR, hopping into the minds of bloggers and convincing them to do things they shouldn't purely for my own alien, eldritch amusement. Bwahaha, etc.

  3. Looking forward to a blogfuture full of incondite references to "Small But Vicious Chris' PMS system".


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