Lets Read Mythus Compiled

In February 2012 your 'umble scribe was convicted and sent to a maximum security penitentiary decided to poke Gary Gygax' Dangerous Journeys: Mythus RPG with a stick to see if it did anything interesting. Just to keep things fun, he decided to make a drinking game of it.

You can follow his spiralling, foam-flecked descent into madness here.

Part 0: Prelude and Rules for Mythus Drinking Game


In which co-author Dave Newton expresses his love for Runequest in the form of a fanhack of Advanced Mythus.

Part 1: Introductory Guff
Part 2: Creating a Precious Snowflake
Part 2.1: Example Character
Part 3: Magickqkc, Fighting and Being a Good Player
Part 4: Upgrading to Advanced Mythus, the GM's Section + sample adventure


Full fat Mythus, as vouchsafed unto the world by EGG.
(Here be Slivey Toves and Snarks and 'orrible 'orrible Grues.)

Part 5: Advanced Chargen 1: Social Class and Vocation
Part 6: Advanced Chargen 2: K/S Area Bundles
Part 7: Advanced Chargen 3: Additional skills + General character info
Part 8: Advanced Chargen 4: Resources and Contacts

Part 9: Core Game Systems, aka Da Roolz

Part 10: K/S Area Descriptions 1: Mental skills A-F
Part 11: K/S Area Descriptions 2: Mental skills G-Z
Part 12: K/S Area Descriptions 3: Physical skills A-H
Part 13: K/S Area Descriptions 4: Physical skills J-Z
Part 14: K/S Area Descriptions 5: Spirit skills A-M
Part 15: K/S Area Descriptions 6: Spirit skills M-Z
Part 16: Using K/S Areas for Economic Gain

Interlude: Mystic Masters Magazine, or "No, Gary Wasn't Kidding"

Part 17: Combat 1: Initiative, Avoidance, and Mental, Spiritual & Heka Attacks
Part 18: Combat 2: Physical Combat, Non-Lethal
Part 19: Combat 3: Physical Combat, Lethal
Part 20: Combat 4: Weapons and Armour
Part 21: Combat 5: Other Sources of Agony + Healing Rules

Interlude: the art of Mythus Chapter 12

Part 22: Heka and Magick 1: Heka, the Getting and Having
Part 23: Heka and Magick 2: Dweomercraeft, Priestcraeft
Part 24: Heka and Magick 3: Apotropaism, Astrology
Part 25: Heka and Magick 4: Herbalism, Mysticism

Part 26: The Campaign and Gamesmastering
Part 27: stuff
Part 28: More stuff
Part 29: Stuff galore!
Part 30: Stuff overwhelming
Part 31: Oh no! There's stuff everywhere!!!
Part n+1: Sweet merciful lord, does it never end?!

Fellow Carriers of the Infection

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Mad Irishman's Mythus page - includes a Mythus-ised Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh adventure.
Jon Simpson's Mythus page - includes .ods and .xls Mythus character generators.

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K&KA Dangerous Dungeons - The cenobites of Old School kitbash OSRIC and DJ:M together.
GaryCon Mythus Thread -  The stylites of Old School reminisce about the great times had with this "smooth [...] realistic [...] intuitive [...] balanced" system

The Great Mythus Swindle by Sirlarkin - complete with "ignore stuff" pro-tip from no less a figure than Dave Newton.
RPG.net review of Mythus - Mardius Bredsdorff opines. RPG.net, so, yeah, pinch of salt.

The Infamous Mythus Suit - In which TSR Corporate and their pet lawtrolls (the unimprovably named Wanke, Schlitter and Suri) display the scale of their intellectual and moral bankruptcy.
I Was a Gen Con Spy for TSR - Colin McComb reminisces about undercover operations against EGG over at Kobold Quarterly.
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