Saturday, 6 March 2010

♪ Blog Hivemind Sh*tstorm of the Weeeeeeeek. ♪

Some (no names, no packdrill) have been wasting our time doing this:

The general response:

Others (who follow the One True Path of "do what you enjoy, and screw what those filthy hippies over there think of you") have been presenting us with thought-provoking and lapidiary phrases like:

So you're a squatter, a thimble, and a real-estate investor. This is semiotically complex. And funny.


When we pick up that six-sided cube and see which of it's six ancient designs comes to the fore we are not simply generating a random number. We have a tactile link to the games played by men and women all the way back to the dawn of civilization.


They took perverse pleasure in trying to run the game into that notorious zone of endless, flat white expanses crisscrossed at regular intervals by intersecting black lines beneath an ambiguously gray sky. You know the place. Its the meta-plane that all DMs dread to tread, the empty place where there are no pre-planned words, no pre-packaged scenarios, no myths/lore/legends...the spots with no ink and no real thought invested in them. Or so they thought.

Life's rich tapestry, eh? ;)


  1. Nice or Not Nice, who's best?
    There's only 1 way to find out - FITE!!!


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