Saturday, 18 February 2012

Let's Read... Mythus - Prelude

I'll just leave this here, kk?

Draft rules for a Dangerous Journeys/Mythus drinking game.
  • Every needless acronym in place of a plain English word (K/S, STEEP, BAC, FAC, MRCap, FPM, TAD, ACE, etc.): take a drink.
  • Every neologism used in place of an existing piece of gaming lingua franca (HP in place of PC, Battle Turn for Combat Round, Weretherion, Unmortal, etc.): take a drink.
  • Every instance of thesaurus abuse (Heka <=> vril <=> orgone <=> mana): take a drink.
  • Every instance of naked "Increase Your Word Power"-ism (e.g. Agathcacological, Therimorphy, etc.): take a drink.
  • Every paragraph of tangential haut gygaxian verbiage that doesn't actually have any use in play: take a drink.
  • Every column of wordswordswords that could have been precis-ed down to one paragraph: take two drinks.
  • Every page of wordswordswords that could have been reduced to one simple rule: take four drinks.
  • Every clever or useful idea you spot for your game: drain your glass.
The horror begins Monday and ends, well, whenever my sanity finally snaps like a twiglet.

Pic Source: Loneliest Drinking Game drunkenly swiped from


  1. hee hee.... I recall browsing the Mythus book shortly after purchase and thinking "what the heck are the Hit Points doing?"...

  2. You are a brave man, and I salute your noble sacrifice.

  3. Drink something very low in alcohol.

  4. Oh this is fantastic. Long ago I posted about Mythus and how it was my first (sadly not last) instance of falling victim to RPG hype. Very much looking forward to this.

  5. Looking forward to this, definitely. Saw a preview of your first post on my RSS feed, and wanted to note that the half-naked barbarian fighting the writhing dragon is signed "EHM 92" (look at the tail). That and the style would seem to indicate another Ellisa Mitchell work.


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