Sunday, 12 July 2009

Gadget Madness - it is coming

(a 7E player, some years hence)

OK, so first Rob of Bat in the Attic tweaks my Luddite nerve with his wild-eyed prophecies of Kindle gaming. And now Matt Colville of Squaremans is seriously talking about people using the next generation of iGadgets as the medium for enhanced reality RPGs.

That does it! I'm mining the lawn. Has the technophobic wisdom of Hollywood taught us nothing? Ain't no Skynet running my games for me!

*Dons tinfoil hat. Stocks tinned food, ammunition and lead minis*

"An intriguing game. The only way to win is not to play."
-- WOPR, Wargames

edit: And now James Mishler (who knows of what he speaks) predicts the inevitable doom of RPGs in terms more commonly heard from Dmitri Orlov, Jim Kunstler or the guys over at Coming Anarchy than from fun-loving game designers. Like Cold War armageddon docu-dramas Mr Mishler's thoughts are scary, but definitely worth your time.

link to James Mishler's prophecies of doom added 15/07/2009


  1. I tend to agree.

    I've occassionally found myself wishing that RPGs had been "invented" 50-80 years earlier, extending their period of development before computers came in and started mucking stuff up.

  2. I'm pleased that you're aware of Kunstler and Orlov. Check out The Oil Drum .com for more technical treatment of peak energy and what it means to the economy. Maybe we can get a game together after the econopoclalypse, when we arn't scrounging for roots, or fighting off cannibals.


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